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Innoliving INN-553 Ozone Generator for Air and Water

Innoliving INN-553 Ozone Generator for Air and Water

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  • SANITIZING WITH OZONE means neutralizing any microorganism harmful to our health, such as POLLEN, MOLD, SPORES, MITES, BACTERIA, VIRUSES and eliminating BAD ODORS. SANITIZING with OZONE is the most effective and ecological method, also used in Healthcare. Ozone has long been used for the sanitization of operating theaters, making it safe and natural, without the use of chemical agents.
  • THE INNOLIVING OZONE AIR and WATER GENERATOR INN-553 is the most versatile system for effective sanitation. Sanitizes environments up to 100 m3 and also SANITIZES WATER
  • OZONIZED WATER is ideal for SANITIZING FOOD, for ORAL and PERSONAL HYGIENE. Perfectly sanitized, it produces significant HEALTH BENEFITS, even when drunk. WASHING FOOD allows to ELIMINATE the BACTERIA present and delay the deterioration. Used for oral and personal hygiene, it is a valuable aid against INFECTIONS and IRRITATIONS and PREVENTS SKIN PROBLEMS (such as herpes and skin fungi). Drunk regularly, being rich in oxygen and sanitized, it increases the level of energy in the body and STRENGTHENS IMMUNE DEFENSES.
  • EVERY ROOM: it will be sanitized and free of bad smells
  • SANITIZED WATER for the health of the whole family. With the INN-553 Innoliving air and water ozone generator you get sanitized water for multiple uses.
  • FRUIT AND VEGETABLES: they will be sanitized without the use of chemicals; ORAL HYGIENE: relieves irritation and infections, using it as a mouthwash; TO DRINK: increases the immune system and the energy level in the body; PERSONAL HYGIENE: helps prevent skin irritation, fungi and herpes
  • 5 OPERATING MODES: - preserve food freshness - eliminate bacteria - produce ozone - eliminate odors 2 stones to be used to ozonate the water Digital display Central setting keys Can also be installed on the wall Power supply: 220 240 V ~ 50 Hz Power: 18 WW
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